John McAfee Offers $25,000 Reward, Starts Blog In Hiding

The header image from the new blog allegedly put up by John McAfee.

American software titan John McAfee wanted by Belize police for questioning in connection with the murder of fellow American Gregory Faull last weekend continues to make news from his hideout. A report in the online blog of The San Pedro Sun claims Mr. McAfee told ABC Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison, who is currently on Ambergris Caye, that McAfee called him today November 18th and during the telephone interview McAfee not only offered the reward but claimed that he is at his home on the island, and not in hiding. Morrison is quoted by the online newspaper saying that “One of the claims he [McAfee] is making, and I challenged him on a good many of those claims, is that he does not have any intention of giving himself up, not now not ever.” Mr. McAfee said he is offering a $25,000. reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the killing of Gregory Faull.

Meanwhile ABC news is reporting today that Mr. McAfee has apparently started an online blog in hiding. It quotes Chad Essley, a friend of McAfee, as saying that the blog, entitled “Hinterland,” is authentic. ABC news says that “A man claiming to be John McAfee confirmed in an email to ABC News the words are his.”

In its most recent post the blog says: “Yesterday Amy was alerted in advance that the police were going to yet again search my residence in San Pedro. She arranged for NBC news to be on site when they arrived and the crew got footage of the police breaking locks and entering all of my buildings – without a search warrant.

“This is normal for police actions in this country. Search first, if anything is found then get a pre-dated search warrant.”

Belize Police are yet to issue an official press release on the raid on McAfee’s home today.