Belize PM Says Bagasse Talks With American Sugar Refining Successful

The crisis facing the Belize sugar industry over the refusal of sugar factory owners American Sugar Refining  to honor an agreement to pay cane farmers for the use of bagasse for energy generation, appears to have been averted, according to a press release issued today by Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

ASR, which has a controlling interest in Belize Sugar Industries Limited, has been in negotiations with the 5,000 member Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association that wants ASR to agree to pay a percentage of the income that the BSI-ASR coglomerate makes from bagasse, which is used to produce electricity that is sold to government-owned Belize Electricit Limited. The cane farmers have said that they will not start delivering sugar cane unless agreement is reached to give them a share of the bagasse which ASR has so far refused to do, claiming it is a waste product. The impasse has threatened to delay the start of the 2013-2014 sugar crop, which usually starts on December 15.

After a another round of meetings today between Belize PM Barrow and principals of ASR, Mr. Barrow issued a statement claiming the meetings “were successful”. Without entering into details, the PM’s statement says:

“The American Sugar Refining principals accepted certain proposals made by Government and reiterated their desire and determination to work with Government of Belize and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association to move Belize’s sugar industry forward. American Sugar Refinery also expressed their gratitude for the Prime Minister’s intervention, and Government of Belize’s leadership in trying to resolve the dispute. The Prime Minister and his team will now meet with the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association at 2:00 p.m. today.”

It is expected that if the sugar cane farmers accept the proposals as agreed to between PM Barrow and ASR, a date will be set for the commencement of the sugar crop. But is is believed by local experts that the date may be delayed anyway by at least two weeks due to the current wet conditions in Belize, and the need to carry out repairs to sugar roads.

Belize PM: They Are Trying To Kill Off Our Offshore Industry

Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has said western countries are trying to destroy offshore financial services in developing economies such as that of Belize. Mr. Barrow was speaking at his first press conference today after returning from a two week trip to the U.S. for back surgery.

Mr. Barrow commented on the Caribbean Financial Task Force sponsored by the G7 group of industrialized countries, and its criticism of Belize and Guyana on November 21 for not doing enough to counter money laundering and terrorist financing.

“We have recently passed a raft of new legislative measures in order to try and achieve the compliance required. The big countries are hypocrites. They do not practice what they preach.  They tell you what you have to do. They talk about harmful tax competition. These people will not stop until they kill off our offshore financial services industry. But the bottom line is that we will comply. We have no choice. They can destroy our commercial banking system. We are preparing new legislation to meet their list of demands and expect to pass these in parliament by the end of February.

“The rational is this international effort to guard against money laundering and financial terrorism and nobody can quarrel with that. We subscribe to that. But there is an international movement driven by the big countries, and in particular by the United States of America, to come down on small countries such as Belize that have offshore financial sectors and I absolutely think that to be unfair. For a while we have been encouraged to diversify our economies. Preferences have been eroded. We try to diversify in the form of the financial services sector and this is what we get,” concluded Barrow.

Accused Guatemala Murderer Barreda de León Obtained Belize Passport


Guatemala businessman Roberto Barreda de León and wife Cristina Siekavizza.

Mexican authorities say Guatemala businessman Roberto Barreda de León accused of murdering his wife Cristina Siekavizza, escaped from Guatemala to Mexico using a Belize passport, according to articles in Mexico’s Diario de Yucatan and Guatemala’s Prensa Libre today.

Citing government sources in Mexico and Guatemala, the newspapers say it is believed that Barreda de León procured a Belize passport and then entered Mexico from Belize in January 2012 from the eastern Guatemalan department of El Peten that borders Belize and Mexico. The businessman and his children first lived in the Mexican states of Chiapas and Tabasco, before settling in Merida, Yucatan according to the Diario de Yucatan.

Barreda de Leon is the main suspect in the disappearance of his wife 33 year old Cristina Siekavizza who was last seen on 7 June 2011. The case was first suspected to be a kidnapping and received extensive news media coverage. After police uncovered incriminating evidence against Barreda de Leon, he disappeared along with his two children Roberto Jose 8, and Maria Mercedes age 4.  An INTERPOL arrest warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with the disappearance and possible murder of his wife Cristina Siekavizza.

Barreda de Leon was arrested in Merida, Yucatan on 8 November 2013 and deported to Guatemala. His children were also repatriated to Guatemala in the care of their maternal grandparents.

In an interview given to El Periodico on 1 August 2011, Barreda de Leon stated that he and his wife visited Belize in April 2011 for a vacation.

Another Guatemala newspaper, Siglo 21, has retraced the movements of Barreda de Leon through Belize and Mexico. It notes that “The authorities believe that a criminal enterprise, with ties in several countries, helped him change his name and that of his children, and obtain new travel and government identification documents; in the birth certificates of the children it is noted that they are of Mexican nationality and are recorded with one year less than their actual age.”

The issue of Belizean passports and visas being sold by corrupt ministers in the Belize government has been receiving extensive media coverage in Belize and abroad. This was sparked by the “Citizen Kim” case where a South Korean national Kim Wong Hong who was incarcerated in Taiwan, managed to obtain a Belize passport in an attempt to avoid extradition to his home country. The Minister of Immigration Hon. Elvin Penner was fired from the Belize cabinet after evidence was uncovered connecting him to the passport scandal.

The “Citizen Kim” passport scandal has now escalated to include the illegal sale of Belize travel visas by members of the Belize government.

Evidence has also been uncovered of the existence of a human trafficking organization that procures Belizean visas for residents of China and the Middle East wishing to enter the U.S. using Belize as a staging point. Belize’s Minister of Transport Hon. Edmund Castro has been implicated in an alleged visa ring.

The news of a prominent Guatemala fugitive with an INTERPOL arrest warrant being able to obtain a Belize passport is expected to add more fuel to the ongoing Belize passport and visa scandal.

Belizean Bodybuilders Compete For Male And Female Championships

The Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation held its annual championship competition on 1 November at the Bliss Institute of Performing Art in Belize City to select the 2013 champions in male and female categories.


Mr. Belize 2013 Rigo Vellos.

Mr. Rigo Vellos won the light-heavyweight division and also the Mr. Belize Body Building Championship 2013. The Masters category was won by veteran bodybuilder Clayton Greenidge; also winning the middle weight division.


Miss Belize Figure champion Cricel Castillo.

In the female category the figure competition was won by Cricel Castillo, the physique competition by Kaya Cattouse and the bikini competition by Annlyn Apolonio.

The BBBFF is largest bodybuilding and fitness organization in Belize and regularly fields its champions for regional competitions in neighboring countries in Central America.

Watch the video of the Miss Belize Bikini Fitness 2013 competition:

YouTube Preview Image

These are the complete BBBFF 2013 bodybuilding contest results:


Masters – 1st Clayton Greendige; 2nd Deon Danderson; 3rd Guy Neal.

Welterweight – 1st Edgar Rogers; 2nd Deon Ortiz; 3rd Deon Danderson.

Middleweight – 1st Clayton Greendige; 2nd Christopher Carter; 3rd Delvan Palacio.

Light Heavyweight – 1st Rigo Vellos; 2nd Ernest Broaster; 3rd Deon Banner.

Mr. Belize – (This competition was comprised of the winners of each category, but, since Clayton Greendige won both the Masters and Middleweight, second place in Middleweight, Christopher Carter was able to enter the Mr. Belize category.) 1st Rigo Vellos; 2nd Clayton Greendige; 3rd Edgar Rogers.


Bikini Fitness – 1st Annlyn Apolonio; 2nd Christina Requena; 3rd Charlyn Flowers (2012 champ).

Body Figure – 1st Cricel Castillo; 2nd Gina Lovell; 3rd Josephine Gault.

Bodybuilding – 1st Kaya Cattouse

Belize Politician Accused Selling Travel Visas Says Did Nothing Wrong

Junior minister Edmund Castro.

Junior minister Edmund Castro.

Government minister, Edmund Castro, has today denied any wrongdoing following accusations of being part of an immigration ring that provided Belize travel visas to Chinese nationals. Castro was fingered last week on national television by a whistle blower who claims that Castro charged her $2,000. a head to procure visas for Chinese nationals trafficking through Belize on their way to the U.S.A. Mr. Castro is a junior minister in the United Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Castro who was vacationing in Florida when the story first broke last week, has dodged the media since returning to Belize on Saturday but today sent out a statement through the Belize government’s press office. Saying he is “upset and angry” at the whistle blower, Castro admits that he procured 5 visas for Chinese nationals for the whistle blower, but that it was not for monetary consideration. The denial of any wrong doing by Castro as quoted in the press release issued today:

“Some time ago the woman, Alverine Burgess, did visit Castro at his office to seek his assistance. The woman asked Castro to write a letter recommending consideration of five visa applications that she was going to lodge with the Department of Immigration. Members of the public, as is well known, ask ministers to write letters of recommendation all the time in connection with various matters; because Castro knew Mrs. Burgess and her husband, he wrote a generic letter to the department asking for consideration for the five visa applications.”

The story first aired by Belize’s Channel Five, quotes the whistle blower as alleging that Castro collected in the region of $400,000. over a nine-month period procuring some 200 Belize visas for foreign nationals. Castro states in the press release that he intends to seek legal advice and sue the whistle blower and Channel 5 for damaging his reputation.

Edmund Castro has been in trouble before. In November 2010 he was fired from the cabinet by Prime Minister Dean Barrow after a Belizean-American woman complained that Castro has swindled her out of $48,000. in a land transaction. At the time Mr. Barrow did not provide details, simply stating ““I won’t go beyond what I’ve said. It’s an incident involving land. To the extent that anybody has been wronged and that it is within the power of government to set it right. Whenever there is proof given to me concerning wrongdoing on the part of any member of my government, I will act.” But after Mr. Barrow’s UDP government entered its second term of office in 2012, Castro was reinstated to the cabinet.

In September 2013 Edmund Castro made news headlines in Belize after allegations of sexual harassment against a female Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol officer in Taiwan.


Continuous Rains Bring Floods, Road Closures To Belize

Amateur photo of waterspout off Dangriga coast 25 October.

Amateur photo waterspout off Dangriga coast 25 October.

Three days of almost continuous rains have brought floods and the closure of sections of Belize’s major highways in the west and south of the country weather and emergency management officials report today.
The National Meteorological Service reported this morning that “Belize Doppler Radar observations showed showers and rain developed over the south earlier last night and spread across the country. Some showers and rain continue over the south this morning (south Stann creek / north Toledo) and central areas of the country. Moisture continues abundant as latest radar imagery shows maximum available moisture range 55-65mm across the southern Gulf of Mexico, Central America and most of the Caribbean.”

The weather forecast is for weather conditions to remain moist and unstable into Monday.

The National Emergency Management Organisation has today warned of floods along the Belize River that stretches from the western part of the country into central and eastern Belize. Flood conditions of interest to travelers and motorists:


Floods at the Salvapan Community area in south Belmopan.

Water is approximately 5ft under the Roaring Creek Bridge near the City Of Belmopan junction to San Ignacio and the western border, and is rising rapidly, residents that live nearby are asked to be alert and move to higher grounds.

The Macal wooden bridge, Iguana Creek Bridge and Baking Pot ferry remain closed and impassable, due to flooding. The Macal River level is receding near the Wooden Bridge.

All residents along the Mopan and Macal Rivers are being advised to remain vigilant and be ready to take the necessary action and move to safety.


Two feet of water is above the approach to Mullins River and the water is rising. The Coastal Road is closed to traffic.

The Cabbage Hay Creek is rising and is about a foot from flooding Mile 25 on the Southern Highway.

In San Roman flood waters are starting to affect residents that live along the Creek.

The North Stann Creek River is about 12ft above normal and is beginning to rise in Hope Creek.

A flood Watch is in effect for Mullins River, San Roman and Hope Creek.


The Domingo Creek area was not affected by flood waters and the road between Jordana and Blue Creek remains open to traffic via Santa Anna Road and Corazon.

The river by Aguacate is 3 ½ ft above the bridge and is receding slowly, remains closed to traffic.

Temash (Crique Sacro) the river is 13ft below the deck of the bridge.

Santa Ana – Moho at Cotton Tree lodge (near Santa Ana) is 1 ½ ft over the bank and is receding slowly.

Corozon Creek is 2ft below the deck of the bridge.

Blue Creek Bridge now has 2ft of water above the bridge and is rising, closed to traffic.

Flood Watch remains in effect for: Santa Rosa, San Benito Poite, Jordan, Aguacate, Crique Sarco, Bladden, and Corozon.